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more than 40 years

creating trendy colours

Great diversity of design and versatility in shapes and colours.

Non yellowing.

Various colours and with different finishes including metallic, satin and wood effect.

When designing a seat, apart from the shape, we also take into account the colour and finishes, be it is gloss or matte, etc., in order to achieve a product with a personality of its own. 

Our Versagrit® toilet seats were initially conceived as a painted product, so at COMSAN, we consider cover seat painting as an intrinsic part of our process. This is why we have established our own paint formulation and manufacturing centre within our Barcelona facilities, enabling us to offer our customers colours tailored to their needs. 

Thanks to the quality of our Versagrit® material and the painting process, we achieve a finish that is visually the same as porcelain sanitaryware. In addition, due to the type of paint and manufacturing process, COMSAN toilet seats are highly resistant to discolouration and/or yellowing. Our paint includes antibacterial protection in its formulation.


At COMSAN, we understand toilet seat design as a way to give personality to porcelain and the area where it is located. In our design centre, specialised engineers always aim to find the perfect solution for each and every one of our customers’ needs. The team focuses on innovative and sustainable design, constantly seeking the latest market trends, and working on new lines of expression. 

Thanks to the versatility of our Versagrit® material, we can provide solutions and create designs that lead to the realisation of highly complex projects. We design a multitude of shapes, by using different thicknesses in various parts of the piece, with smooth transitions, free of angles. These characteristics also help to reduce the accumulation of dirt and bacteria therefore allowing us to create unique products in the market.