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focused on continuous improvement

At COMSAN, we have consolidated our management model under the acronym CBS, Comsan Business System, which includes the incorporation of Lean manufacturing and the implementation of new Industry 4.0 technologies. This model of operational excellence is extensively adopted worldwide, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and innovation in all facets of our operations.

The mission of the CBS management system is to strengthen the culture of continuous improvement throughout the organisation, along with the digital integration of production processes, operations, and resources. This is achieved through small actions, standardising their results, discipline in their application, and measuring results in order to continue finding opportunities for improvement.

All with the aim of providing:

CBS means thinking and working collaboratively across all areas of the company.

Superior service to our customers

Competitive cost structure

A culture of constant improvement

The 8 types of waste in LEAN Manufacturing

A necessary method for improvement in the transformation processes of our products.

In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, at COMSAN we apply the 8 types of waste under the Lean philosophy, also known as muda in Japanese.

The 8 wastes are the main concept for achieving improvement in the transformation processes of our products, as well as productive efficiency. They help us to identify those processes or activities that are necessary from those that are not.