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When COMSAN started its operations over 60 years ago, it did so through innovation. It created a completely new material in the toilet seat sector that is unlike any other in the market, using a unique and exclusive formula. That innovative spirit has been maintained to this day and has extended to other areas of the company, making COMSAN a leader in the seat manufacturing market.

We have a design centre, our own laboratories, and a highly specialised technical team equipped with modern technological resources for the development of new products and formulations, as well as for the analysis and control of our raw materials, technological processes, and final products.

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In a constantly changing environment, a company survives in the long term if it can consistently generate new ideas that add value to its projects and open up new lines of business. Therefore, we are constantly working on the evolution of our Versagrit® composite formulations, paint formulations, fixing and damping systems, as well as electronic solutions.

Over 20 years ago, we developed the fastest continuous-flow painting line in the industry with a painting speed of 10m/min

We started the robotisation of our processes over a decade ago, with the incorporation of over 40 robots.

We encompass our entire culture of continuous improvement within the CBS – Comsan Business System, based on the philosophy of lean manufacturing.

We have strongly embraced Industry 4.0 with the implementation of management systems such as MES – Manufacturing Execution System (production), MMS – Maintenance Management System (maintenance), EM – Energy Manager (energy), among others.

We have devised machinery ad hoc that allows us to automate and improve the efficiency of our production process, as well as to prevent material waste and repurpose all surplus.

Innovation is impossible without good ideas, and good ideas are impossible without the human factor. Therefore, under our CBS system, we organise what we call kaizen events. These events help us improve production processes with the active participation of employees from different departments in order to develop new ideas, foster collaboration, team building, and achieve short-term results.