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Our portfolio of products provides the solutions to all the requirements and expectations of a toilet seat. 


Designed to provide comfort and improve hygiene when using the toilet, offering an additional layer of comfort and maintaining high standards in the bathroom. 


CID®, Comsan Integrated Damper

Designed to provide a soft and silent closing, they improve the durability of the seats and offer a more comfortable and quiet user experience in the bathroom. 


Designed to ensure a secure and durable assembly, they contribute to the functionality of the seat. 

CID®, Comsan Integrated Damper

Comsan Integrated Damper

Patented system by COMSAN

At COMSAN, we have developed our own fastening system called CID®, Comsan Integrated Damper, designed for easy installation and a clean aesthetic thanks to its minimal components. Additionally, it facilitates tool-free assembly and disassembly between the cover and the ring.

L-R Poka-Yoke Assembly, error-proof

A system with a single assembly position.

100% manual Assembly-Disassembly

No tools required and no effort needed.

Minimal components

Hinge system with the fewest possible parts.

Robust assembly system

Sturdy one-piece seats.

Simple and clean aesthetics

No unnecessary visible parts, clean aesthetics, enhanced hygiene.

Versatility in supports

Allows the incorporation of different types of support based on needs.