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COMSAN, your trusted partner

At COMSAN, we have been manufacturing toilet seats for over 60 years for the most important manufacturers in the sector, which has led us to develop a product catalog that adapts to the main market porcelains in terms of sizes and shapes. The high quality and commitment we demonstrate to our clients year after year make us the perfect partner for distribution.

As one of the leading toilet seat manufacturers in Europe, we stand out for:

A highly specialized design team
The quality of our seats
Our patented damper system with soft close
The development of custom requests
The experience of over 60 years working in the market

After manufacturing over 85 million toilet seats worldwide, we can assure the quality of our toilet lids.

We manufacture with Duroplast, which stands out for its hardness and resistance, as well as for its high durability. Thanks to our patented damper system, CID®, many of our toilet seats come with SoftClose and Release&Clean options, allowing for much simpler and more hygienic toilet cleaning. Additionally, we offer models ranging from the most timeless designs to the most modern and contemporary ones.




As manufacturers of toilet seats for decades, we have extensive experience in developing fully customized products tailored to the customer’s needs. We are fully equipped to create customized solutions regarding packaging, labeling, tags, or advertising material. Having fully automated manufacturing processes enables us to offer short production times and fast deliveries.

At COMSAN, we believe that our corporate values define us as a company. Therefore, Customer Service is one of our fundamental pillars. We prioritize the customer and put their needs and expectations first, ensuring the best support and attention throughout the sales process.

Take a look at our product range and discover the various options available. Our models are compatible with many of the standard models from the leading porcelain manufacturers in the market.

Both our sales team and our technical team will always be available to provide support for any questions or requests, guiding customers to achieve the best solution.